When kids come in……everything becomes heavenly awesome and …FUN!!


Our tenth blog so far. Firstly we do apologize for the delay in updating the blog. A lot has been going on this week that we didn’t have enough time to do so.


Plastic with earth ready to receive baby  trees 


On Sunday, there was a very special event of conducting our questionnaires’ survey by one to one conversations with every single beneficiary.


Emmanuel having a conversation with a beneficiary and completing  a form for her.


The survey in whole went well, even though at the beginning the participants weren’t getting it well. But little by little, they got to understand, and answered to the questions  honestly. The study’s outcome are going to be taken from 25 questionnaires that will be chosen completely at random.


All the questionnaires filled in at the end of the day

On the same day, still, saving groups did work. And beneficiaries are still as motivated as they have always been.



One of the members’ saving book as per last sunday.



We are really glad of the “imishishi” trees, that are now in the tree nursery and about to be planted in front of the houses.



Vegetables too are ready. That include cabbages, onions and beetroots that are being koved to the gardens. Dodo are now ready for harvest by tomorrow (monday). Carrots are also growing up and really give hope to have a big harvest.


Dodo ready for harvest


this weekend then was dedicated to take care of the latest kitchen gardens in which beetroots will be planted. It was also a special weekend because we decided to make it a kids’ weekend.IMG-20150510-WA0006

As we have been seeing, kids are most of the time scattered in the camp’s courtyard, playing. Thus we decided to dedicate this weekend’s activities to them so that they could understand what their parents are involved in…….AND HAVE FUN



What is it for?

I the morning with help of their parents, we all worked together in renewing one kitchen garden’s soil, and add in more manure. Kids really did an awesome job. I can’t wait to show you the videos. But here are the pictures.









And in the afternoon, it was time to have FUN. We had time to play cards (well Ephrem only because Jean Luc was tired or he is bad at cards 🙂 🙂 ) and we took a ride in the wheelbarrows ….


Ephrem with them playing cards.

As it was Sunday, as usual, saving took place. And right after, we had another important activity of moving beetroots and cabbages to the kitchen gardens. It wasn’t a hard work, but as everyone attended, this really made it so easy and enjoyable.



The ladies moving beetroots to tha garden




One of the beneficiary watering the new Dodo.


Mugisha planting cabbages from the tree nursery


That is what the week has been like, and we are looking forward to having a visit from Tearfund team this week.


Unfortunately it is so sad that the project is nearly at its end, but we do hope activities will continue. GO GREEN!!

Keep in touch (#English)





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